Art Food Catering


How to organize a function at the highest level? Find a company specialized in catering. “Catering” means a restaurant which provides food services at a remote site, when a client is provided with full  restaurant services at set time and place. Mobile catering has a number of indisputable advantages. The following events can be conducted thanks to it:

Today, catering comprises a whole set of services, namely:

  • Ability to cook tasty dishes
  • To nicely decorate and serve tables
  • To glamorously serve dishes at any time and any place, whether in office, museum, garden, country house, city apartment or in flight

The activity of a catering restaurant has it own specific features and can be successfully developed only if the services are of high quality, offering dainty dishes cooked out of fresh and high-quality products by professional cooks! «ART FOOD CATERING» staff consists of qualified, creative, bright persons who love their job and do their best to ensure that the dishes cooked by them differ in terms of quality from similar ones of their competitors. Our cooks show outstanding skills in culinary art, European service standards, prompt approach to fulfillment of an order, taking into account all the customer wishes.

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