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Banquet with full service is a function, which features a lot of formalities, smartness, accuracy in banquet rites, sequence of events and certain complexity, for the waiting staff and for the guests. The guests of the event occupy their seats according to the seating chart: each seat is beforehand associated with a specific person. At least a week before the banquet, its programme must be ready. Initially, no dishes are on tables. Waiters do not go away from the guests, attending to what they eat and drink, refill their glasses and serve dishes in the timely manner. Normally, at these events one waiter serves up to four persons. The banquet with partial service is more widespread and popular. At this kind of the banquet guests may take any seats. Special seats are provided for the hosts of the occasion and very important persons. The banquet service staff in advance agrees with the hosts of the events the sequence of serving dishes, nature and ways of the serving, as well as which dishes will be served in the very beginning. Approximately half an hour or an hour before the beginning of the banquet starters and wines are served on tables. Placement of dishes has certain specifics: the central part of the table is usually occupied by the starters in vases or bowls, whereas starters on flat plates are placed closer to the cutlery. This is to facilitate and make the banquet table look harmoniously. After the start of the banquet, waiters serve hot dishes, desserts, change dishes according to the agreed sequence, bring wine, change, as needed, cutlery or even tablecloths. While changing dishes, waiters still leave some of them on tables. These are mostly cold dishes: pickles, marinated dishes and vegetables. However, before serving the dessert tables are fully cleared. Serving dishes in their sequence may vary: common dishes (for several persons) are placed closer to the centre of the table and every guest helps themselves. Nonetheless, waiters may make rounds, coming to each guest from the left side and offering them dishes with a slight bow. If a dish is made in portions, it is served on plates to each guest. No change of dishes is made while used cutlery and glasses for different beverages are on tables. A glass for water is always on the table will the very end of the banquet. But, if sparkling wine must be served at the end of the feast, this glass is removed. Banquets may be held in the high-quality manner only by highly qualified and trained staff. A Banquet from «ART FOOD CATERING» is always excellent quality of products and flawless service for each customer, regardless of the budget of the event. Our dishes cooked by the chef are culinary masterpieces, which represent the variety of marvellous tastes. We use personalized decorations for each event, which makes your occasion and cuisine unique. We wish you “Bon appetit!” and a wonderful evening!

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