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Coffee Break


Coffee break is an opportunity to enjoy wonderful aroma of the toning drink and an excellent flavour of fresh pastry and other refreshments during breaks in formal meetings. Coffee breaks from our company provide extra class service and excellent reasonably priced menu! Nothing can promote efficient work and closing beneficial deals so much as properly organized leisure. Coffee breaks are a must while holding:

A coffee break is a good way to obtain relief and relaxation. You will agree that it is informal communication that enables you to learn more about your partners and faster find understanding with them. There may be a few coffee pauses during your event. In case your meeting is formal, and it is important to bring in an informal element, a cocktail may be an alternative to the coffee break. A coffee break lasts for about half an hour, and the main complexity is to select the menu properly. Time limit of the coffee pause does not allow for a wide range of dishes. However, each guest should find a suitable beverage and refreshments. Normally, a coffee break includes:

  • coffee, different kinds of tea
  • soft drinks
  • pastry
  • canapé
  • fruits
  • various desserts

Only professionals can properly organize a coffee break. Our cooks will make only elite coffee and tea for you, will offer you sophisticated desserts and original canapés. Toning drinks and tasty refreshments will help to renew energy and will provide you and your guests with a boost of energy. If you would like to arrange a really memorable, bright event or function, ask our experts for help! Our staff are always attentive to each customer. We offer easy, fast service, personalized approach to every customer, and the name of the game — always delicious dishes, cooked only of fresh, high-quality foods. We guarantee you high level of service and excellent food, which will offer you a new feast and only positive emotions each time!

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