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A cocktail is a bright, colourful and unforgettable event, which we are ready to present to you and your guests. At present the cocktail service is one of the most mobile. To organize a meeting or arrange a small feast by ordering this service is very easy! It differs from a stand-up buffet. This event does not imply «full» range of dishes, but only refined drinks and light refreshments. Cocktail catering means that the guests will not seat at tables. The idea of this service is that friendly waiting staff serves the guests. They bring them various beverages and refreshments. In other words, people may continue talking shop or negotiating. The advantage of a cocktail is that there appears an opportunity to hold an event without taking care of the site selection, where all the guests could be seated at tables. Our specialists will help you to organize the event in the way that no one will feel any discomfort. Attentive, polite and neat waiting staff are always ready to answer any guest’s question, and also bring him or her the requested drink on demand. In order to make a meeting successful, our staff will offer you the menu to select, including a huge range of different beverages, strong and soft ones, as well as originally decorated cold starters, canapés, sandwiches etc. We will create an informal atmosphere at any event, so that you and your guests feel relaxed and enjoy the meeting. It is hard to overestimate the meaning of the receptions for a modern person. As a rule, receptions aim not only at having some rest but also at making new contacts, strengthening already existing business relations. Naturally, the atmosphere of a sit-down meal or a feast is inappropriate in this case. If you need to hold a business meeting informally or communicate with partners, we offer you cocktail catering. Business meetings may be carried out at different times. We offer you to exchange late negotiations for an evening cocktail. An exquisite wine list, offered by our waiters, will not leave the participants bored and indifferent. An evening business cocktail is absolutely different from a gala dinner, which is formal and solemn. There are certain rules of holding an evening cocktail. Business elite worldwide follow these rules. For example, a business cocktail may not last over two hours. We know of these standards and strictly comply with them. Therefore, even foreign guests will feel the level and the class of the arrangement of your event.

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