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Barbecue is the process and the result, the name of the event and the dish itself. It is a tradition, a kind of entertainment, a rite and just a reason to get together.

Have snowfalls and great temperature drops left our latitude and longitude and has favourable weather set for a few blessed months? The sun will shine, and the grass will be green, and we will gather our guests and hold an open air feast — in America, it is called a barbecue, in Britain a barbecue or grill, in German – grill, and in Russian shashlyk. An open air occasion does not imply the company of old friends, because it is possible to invite more people than usually. The atmosphere itself is less formal. By the way, the Germans, seeking accuracy, calculated that this feast, even being large, is still much cheaper than any other functions, and this is the reason for its popularity.

Regarding America, there barbecue has long tradition, which is still maintained. Another thing is that unlike the time of Scarlett O-Hara, it is not common to spit roast the whole bull, lamb or pork carcass. The scale has changed but the idea has been preserved. For these dishes the mankind has accumulated numerous great but simples recipes… But let us discuss in detail. We will install tables and benches in the front yard. Disposable tablecloths and tableware, but as eye-catching as possible. Then let’s think about lighting: it is not a good idea to get light from cinders only, to make guests collide in the twilight on their way to another spitter, and in the morning to find plates, forks and glasses on our flowerbeds. Therefore, it is required to provide good lighting for the area of the grill and the table with starters and beverages. Or, it is possible to make the event much more exciting and useful for both mind and body: contact «ART FOOD CATERING» and order the arrangement of the whole process and enjoy wonderful grilled dishes by the professional team of chefs. Our company will take care of arranging your feast:

  • Site selection
  • Highest-quality service of the event
  • Animation: the master of ceremonies, corporate and team games, performance of popular stars, discos, and fireworks

We will provide the transfer for your guests to the fest venue and will take care of maintaining their wonderful mood during the event. If you place an order for a Barbecue from «ART FOOD CATERING» company, you will get a PRESENT — a pint of beer to each guest!

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