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Corporate Events

Surveys show that salary is not the only motivating agent of the labour activity. In particular, the experience of successful companies has proven that corporate parties are a strong motivator to improve the performance.

The history of corporate events dates back to the first gatherings of primitive people who celebrated their successful hunting near the fire. The fest performs the function of «success fixation», strengthening company achievements.

Naturally, allocating funds for the arrangement and holding a corporate occasion, the company management wishes to get the maximum benefit and positive «payback», similarly to any other investment. There is a classification, which allows for clear determination of the benefit from a certain type of a corporate event:

  • Corporate occasion-tradition is a way to confirm company stability and its unchanged attitude to the staff
  • Corporate occasion-thanks is a manifestation of attention and care of the staff
  • Corporate occasion-gift is a bonus for professional achievements
  • Corporate occasion-discharge is a relief from accumulated interpersonal conflicts, improvement of morale
  • Corporate occasion-innovation is an excellent way to teach the idea of company innovations, to justify the need for changes, alter attitude to structures and working procedures
  • Corporate occasion-motivation is a way to encourage interest in work, form and improve morale in the company
  • Corporate occasion-unity is designed to develop comfort relations and teamwork skills
  • Corporate occasion-training is a way to create and strengthen necessary stereotypes and algorithms of behaviour, seek joint achievements, establish the atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust

«ART FOOD CATERING» company is ready to take care of all the arrangements of your corporate occasion:

  • Site selection
  • Highest-quality service of the event
  • Animation: the master of ceremonies, corporate and team games, performance of popular stars, discos, and fireworks
  • We will provide the transfer for your guests to the fest venue and will take care of maintaining their wonderful mood during the event

If you place an order for a corporate occasion from «ART FOOD CATERING» company, you will get a PRESENT — a large festive cake!!!

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