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Private Celebrations

According to the astrologists, on a birthday, and moreover, on a jubilee, and the following ten days create the basis for the coming year. It refers not only to people, but also to companies, organizations and even countries. Therefore, it is natural to be willing to spend the long-awaited common or personal birthday in a fantastic way.

Conventional birthday celebration is simple and elicits an ironic grin. It implies merely gathering a large company of friends and organizing a noisy party…

What do we offer for this occasion?

Surely, a feast, but unlike the above scenario it will be a stylish, extraordinary birthday party of an unforgettable jubilee reception!

Since astrologists consider this day to be the basis for a yearly programme, we will be able to arrange and hold it so that the whole following year will become the year of happiness and joy. So, let us describe it step-by-step:

  • At first we meet the person who will celebrate his/her birthday, or his/her representative, discuss his/her wishes and suggest sites for the occasion
  • Decoration and props for the site
  • We will provide the transfer for your guests to the fest venue
  • We will provide you with a personalized menu, developed by the chef of «ART FOOD CATERING» to match your concept of the event, taking into consideration all preferences as to each dish and the time of their serving.
  • Flawless European service and highly qualified staff
  • A Fantastic show programme
  • An in-house cooked large festive cake to your honour
  • At the end of the celebration — fireworks to the person of the moment

Contact us and get a surprise from «ART FOOD CATERING» company when placing an order for arranging your Birthday party or a Jubilee.

To Book Event

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